Evaluation method for layout design of painting process

The advantages and disadvantages of the layout plan of coating process directly affect the operation of coating line, and the evaluation criteria for the advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1, the effective utilization of conveyor chain. The length of the conveyor chain in each process must be the length of the ratio (the effective use of the conveyor chain high rate), the effective utilization rate is good, is generally 80%~90%, more than 85% occasions.

2, the effective utilization of area (plane). Painting production line (painting workshop) of the area, the device takes the necessary area ratio (the effective utilization rate of high level) is excellent, is generally 70%~90%, it is important to use space, or become free logistics lines and dead places more occasions.

3, the effective use of space. Visit the painting line, more common and wide space spray chamber, the drying chamber under the situation.

In the space in the painting workshop volume of each device than column (space utilization) is generally 40%~70%, space many occasions, not only improves the cost of buildings, has become a cause of airflow, unnecessary energy loss in the painting workshop, dust coating defect etc..

4. High temperature area centralized (water drying room, paint drying room belongs to high temperature zone).

5, the painting room operation, coating and the flow of good relationship (smooth). For example, through the plane layout, try hard to improve the effective utilization of spray booth, reduce the empty time of spray booth. The phenomenon of "big horse pulling trolley" should be overcome in a large number of flow production lines. The spray booth with suitable length should be selected by making full use of the working surface, the number of spraying workers and the time of beat. In addition, in order to improve the effective utilization rate of spray booth, the change of production mode and layout (such as optimizing the direction and method of conveying the coating) are carefully designed in the case of long production time.

6. Configuration of auxiliary device. The auxiliary device of painting production line by pure water device, spraying device, deodorization device, rack stripping device, hot water boiler etc.. Also can be understood as painting workshop space efficient utilization, use about 50% of the space, the next effort to configure in the vicinity of the main equipment.

7, different coating process layout plan comparison. The process of design layout is the most general suspended transport chain of continuous water painting line, with the mode of transport and coated with hanging in different ways, process layout will have a big change, so many schemes.

Comparison of multiple plans for painting process layout design. The above process layout design is the most commonly used suspension conveyor chain continuous flow production line occasions, but with the conveyor chain and the way the coating can be greatly changed. Therefore, we must carefully optimize the combination, a variety of process layout plan, after expert evaluation, selected the best economic and technical indicators, logistics flow reasonable and smooth.