The University challenges the 21 day reading program: how many books can you read?

21 days, more than a hundred books, you can read a few books?

Zheng held the first "challenge 21 days reading plan", to see what books

The newspaper reads hundreds of books, 21 days, every night from 6 to 10, the total length of reading at least 80 hours...... The first "challenge 21 day reading plan" held by Zhengzhou University library has set off a reading heat wave in the campus, and 50 students of Zhengzhou University have devoted themselves to a carnival of reading.

It is understood that the activity time is from October 18th to November 16th, 50 participants need to choose at least 21 days in the 30 days reading the specified bibliography in the reading room. In addition to the conventional form of activities, but also designed a variety of ways to participate, such as the submission of reading sentiment, collection of reading notes, reading, perception, sharing and so on.

"The 21 day is because 21 days can help you develop a habit.". The purpose of this activity is to let more people develop the habit of reading. Let people stay away from mobile phones and networks, away from fragmented reading, develop deep reading and reading classic habits." The responsible person of Cao Bingxia teacher introduced the "challenge 21 days reading plan" is intended to specify the reading list for the year 2016 published books, "green book talk" to share bibliographic and recommended books and other popular classic books, including "Analects of Confucius" "Book of Songs" "easy" etc..

Zheng newspaper financial media reporter Zhang Jingdie Xu Qingwen / Map