The development of health experts in Boao about the industry at home and abroad

Beijing, Boao, October 21 (reporter Wang Xiaobin) 21, "Boao International Health Forum 2017" held in Hainan, Boao. From the domestic and international health experts feel the pulse of health healthy development trend of the new coordinates, then.

On the day of the forum, the guests delivered a wonderful speech, covering the health industry, population health, medical care, integration and many other content. Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese famous demographers, economists Tian Xueyuan speech "good health" of this article, from the perspective of experts to understand the relation between health and the depth of the economic and social development; Bei shite Health Institute executive vice president of Hainan University, Professor Zhan Changzhi delivered a speech in 2017 "Hainan health industry development report", the is an international tourist island of Hainan first China health industry white paper; science academician, Peking University professor Zheng Xiaoying made a report titled "Chinese population health and development", the health of the population and economic and social development has given insights; health care experts, well-known Belgium EU framework chief scientist Professor Zhang Weihong published "the Belgian / European health" speech; Dean P.Mick the German Hotel Berlin catering Comprehensive College School of nutrition El delivered a speech entitled "nutrition and health: the idea of the Germans"; Yu Weixiang, chairman of Singapore's borderless medical group, made a speech on "combination of medicine and nursing 3".

The forum set up the health characteristics of town and sharing farm, vegetarian food and health, and physical health, the holographic medicine food homology on the tongue action, health demand and health education and training industry, health and health and other 8 sub topics, also set up the senior leaders and industry experts dialogue platform, and the government and enterprises with expert dialogue platform.

According to the Boao International Health Forum Organizing Committee, the forum was successfully held a two session after the upgrade in the International Tourism Island Health Forum, was renamed as "Boao International Health Forum", but also implement the "health" Chinese 2030 "plan" is embodied with practical action. The forum of "health, Hainan Chinese forward, industry docking, sharing" as the theme, is committed to creating a research integrated platform for international exchanges, through a comparative study and analysis of domestic and international health industry, put forward the direction and decision-making reference for reform.