Millennium ginkgo tree Wanghong visit by appointment according to Li Shimin.

Original title: Millennium ginkgo tree into "net red" visit required appointment

The number of visitors per day is limited to 7200 people, and the WeChat platform has been reserved for entering the temple

A 1400 years old Xi'an ancient Guanyin Temple in the ancient ginkgo tree, because a group of photos as "red net". A large number of people are attracted to, most of the day, look at this tree "Red Net" tree people reached 70 thousand people. And this year, in order to ensure the order of the visit, want to see this "net red" ginkgo tree, you need to make an appointment with mobile phones in advance. It is understood that the temple 18 days since has opened its online booking temple function.

According to reports, the ancient Guanyin Temple 30 km from the Xi'an area, built in the Tang Dynasty Zhenguan years, dating back about 1400 years of history. The ancient Guanyin Temple 19, staff told reporters BYD, in the temple, there is a temple and the age of the ginkgo tree, it was said that Tang Taizong Li Shimin planted, "I have to visit the temple, but compared to other famous temples in Xi'an, the name of our gas is not too large, so not too many people, but in the autumn of 2016, this situation has changed."

In the autumn of 2016, a group of photos about the ancient ginkgo tree in the temple jumped up to the red network. In the photos, the leaves of ginkgo trees were sprinkled on the ground after a autumn rain, which was quite spectacular and looked golden. Then, the tourists who saw the photos began to pour into the temple, hoping to see the beauty of the ancient ginkgo tree.

At that time we did not expect to have so many people, so only the tourists line up to visit, when many people over the weekend, the team will be discharged a few hundred meters, visitors have to wait three or four hours to be able to see the ginkgo tree." The ancient Guanyin Temple staff said, "feel the tree completely turned into a" Red Net ", in November 13th last year that the largest number of tourists, the number of days to more than 70 thousand people, and we are just a small temple, so many people are really hard to bear."

This year, since mid October, the ancient Guanyin Temple in the tree "Red Net" tree leaves began to yellow, it will usher in the peak of visitors, and this year, in order to guarantee the order of the visit, visitors only through WeChat appointment, to be able to see the tree "Red Net tree".

According to the development of this program, the staff, and the temple through aspects of communication, and the analysis of data, they will visit the places every day is limited to 7200 people, this year's visit for the period from October 28th to December 10th, the time is 8 to 5 pm every day, every hour to release the 400 places.

"For some special cases of our special arrangements, such as not using a mobile phone and so on the elderly, but for the vast majority of tourists, or the need to use mobile phone to make an appointment in advance, if you do not make an appointment may be unable to visit." The temple staff said. BYD reporter saw 19, in an appointment to visit the "network mangrove" program opened the first day, there have been more than a thousand people booking success.

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