Main characteristics of electrophoretic coating

1. The electrophoretic coating can be completely dissolved and emulsified in water, and the viscosity of the prepared liquid is very low, which is similar to that of water. It is easy to soak into the cavity structure and crevice in the body (coating) which is immersed in the bath fluid.

2, the electrophoretic bath has high conductivity, coating particles can be active swimming, and deposited on the coating. The conductivity of wet coating is small, and the resistance increases with the thickening of wet coating. When it reaches a certain resistance, it is no longer electrodeposited. Based on these two points, electrophoretic coating has good permeability and can produce uniform coating film.

3, the solid content of the tank liquid is low, viscosity is small, the outer coating is less than the body, and can be recycled by UF (ultrafiltration) device and reverse osmosis (RO) device.

4, the film has strong adhesion, high rust resistance (20um thick anodic electrophoretic coating of salt fog corrosion resistance of more than 300h, cathodic electrophoresis coating salt spray corrosion resistance above 1000h).

5, electrocoats solvent (water soluble solvent) content of less burner for ignition burn up, less to worry about the scene of fire and explosion.