Matters needing attention in the design and use of spray booth

1. In order to ensure the cleanliness of air supply for coating process, the filter bag and filter layer must be selected correctly. In the spray booth, the air supply system is generally equipped with rough filtration (initial filtration) and fine filtration, and the primary effect and medium efficiency filter bag are adopted respectively. The filter bag (instead of the current distributor) and the non-woven fabric filter layer should be installed in the dynamic chamber, the static chamber and the ceiling of the spray booth.

The spraying layer of filter material between the ceiling and the laying quality, non-woven filter layer will directly affect the uniformity and quality of coating flow, laying thickness should be uniform, clamping, undue leakage, the non-woven fabric should be not dust type. If 1~2 layer sticky gauze is placed in the non-woven fabric filter layer, it can ensure the cleanliness of the air entering the spray paint room.

In the process of the new installation of spray room, should pay attention to the air supply system (wind pipe, dynamic and static pressure chamber etc.) should be clean, clean after installation, debugging should be thoroughly cleaned before the cold start, wipe, for a certain period of time in the operation of the exhaust fan, officially put into operation before then installed the bag and filter layer.

The pressure difference between the front and back of the filter layer (bag) should be checked frequently during the operation of the spray booth. If the pressure difference is heavy, the filter bag (layer) should be replaced or cleaned.

2, spray paint room system equipment is prohibited to use oil to cause film to produce shrinkage hole material (such as organic silicone, oil, etc.) and accessories. Such as sealant, gasket, sealing rubber strip, etc., must be through the shrinkage test before selecting, to confirm that there is no material causing shrinkage hole to use.

3. The paint mist coagulant must be added to the circulating water in the spray booth. If the coagulant is not added, the paint drops will still stick to the wall of the circulating water system, the water flowing plate and the paint mist catcher, which will affect the collection efficiency and cause the blockage of the pipeline, and it is difficult to clean.

When the coagulant is selected properly and professionally managed, the discharge cycle of circulating water in the spray booth can be greatly prolonged. General automobile factory 2~3 months emissions, the longest is half a year emissions.

4. Only by strengthening the maintenance and management of the spray booth can the function of the spray booth be fully brought into play and the quality of the painting can be ensured. The maintenance management items are as follows.

(1) formulate the operating rules of spray booth and train qualified personnel.

(2) formulate the cleaning management system of spray booth. In the process of spraying, spray paint room is easy to be paint fog pollution, every class (or daily) keep neat spraying station, cleaning must be done every week. The working condition and cleanliness of the panel and water washing device should be checked regularly, and the cleanliness of the exhaust fan blade must be regularly checked so as to timely clean.

(3) daily, monthly and yearly maintenance of spray booth should be formulated for daily, monthly and yearly maintenance.